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Melissa Jones is the creator + founder of FoodTalksDC, a platform that creates space for people of color to share food narratives that stem from the land. She travels the D.C. area and beyond to document personal food journeys and perspectives from everyday people, growers, and activists on topics related to health, tradition, sustainability, food justice, and culture. Edible Activist is a fun food movement term for everyone - she believes that anyone can channel their activism powers in the food space to create effective change. Edible Activist Podcast, airing every Wednesday at 11AM, is part of Melissa's vital mission to highlight black and brown voices in the food and farming space.

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    Chef Brazil

    Chef Brazil thought he was going to the Arts Institute of Philadelphia for fashion design, until he ended up graduating with a culinary degree! For the last 15 years, Brazil has been throwing the "spyce" in his dishes and is the owner of Spyceco, a personal chef company. He creates intimate dining experiences for clients like NBA players, couples, and friends, while having to cater to the dietary needs of his clientele due to health challenges and sporting conditions. Heart healthy dishes are an important aspect of his business, along with cooking with local ingredients. Tune in!

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    Spicin' Womenpreneurs

    Three black dynamic women entrepreneurs who are spicin' it up in their businesses: Milan Jordan-Durham, founder, The Cultured Kombucha; Rabia Kamara, pastry chef and owner, Ruby Scoops, and Kehmari Norman, founder, Ksquared Flowers. These three Spicin' Womenpreneurs share how they have created their own lanes: from crafting a delicious kombucha line, to whipping up sorbets and ice cream with locally sourced ingredients, and creating an array of floral wellness products. Each of them bring an aspect of health-wellness, self-care and joy within the products they have beautifully mastered. All three women also make up part of the The Spice Girl collective, a group of 21 black women business-owners, at The Spice Suite in Washington, DC. Listen in!

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    Food Artivism

    Sabrina Nelson is a professional artist, vegan, dope mom, and Detroiter. During her travels to D.C. she graced the show and shared her story of making the decision to go plant-based to stop family illness. But beyond her veganism, Sabrina is a 24/7 creator who is FEEDING the mind, body and soul of individuals who encounter her murals in Detroit, her sketch books, online and everywhere else. "My art is my weapon," says Sabrina. And as a creator, she believes that using her artistic capabilities as a voice for justice issues and activism, such as food, water, poverty, women, and much more, is a responsibility.

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    Dom The Farmer

    Meet Farmer Dom Hosak! In this episode, you'll learn about his educational journey in the public health field that ultimately led to him ditching his PhD program to farm full-time at the THEARC in SE, Washington, DC. Dom is a builder and believes in acquiring skill sets that sustain us, especially as black people. And as a new dad to a beautiful baby girl, he shares how important is to him to build a safe homestead lifestyle for his family.

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    FoodTalksDC x Detroit Part II

    FoodTalksDC's creator, Melissa Jones and visual artist/photographer, Leta Harrison continue conversations about their travels to Detroit back in September 2018. Listen in on Part II as they talk about this amazing photo-series which documented people color in the food and farming space for FTDC's Edible Activist campaign!

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    FoodTalksDC x Detroit Part I

    FoodTalksDC's creator, Melissa Jones, is chatting up her favorite city, DETROIT, in this episode! Back in September 2018, Melissa and photographer, Leta Harrison, traveled to Detroit to kick off FTDC's Edible Activist campaign where they met with people of color in the food and farming space to document their narratives and perspectives. The two have began sharing Part I of their photo-series on social media this week. Listen in as they rave about their love for the 'D' and what this experience was like for them.

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    Eat For Beauty DC

    Meet Kaylah, Melan and Saskia, the three beautiful soul sisters behind Eat For Beauty DC, a platform for sharing how they redefine beauty through intentional food and meditative experiences. In this episode, you will learn how the trio's paths divinely crossed in Washington, D.C. and in Hawaii (yes, Hawaii) that ultimately led to the birth of EFBDC. These ladies are on a journey to developing what they call higher-self lifestyle systems for optimal healing and inner/external beauty!

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    Healing Spaces

    Geoff "Geo" Edwards is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist and arts educator. And on any given day, you will find him in the garden, clinic or classroom. In this episode, Geoff paints a vivid story of, what he calls, a "rites to wellness" experience with one of his clients and how he integrates the three healing spaces into his practice, Nu Healing Arts.

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    The Black Suburban Homesteaders

    Shanna and Francois Tiayan are living the homestead life! In this episode, hear how the couple are bringing a new face to the homesteading space as an African American family, living a nontraditional lifestyle in one of DC Metro’s suburbs.

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    Choppin' it Up Part II

    The conversations were so full that we had to continue another round with Chef Khepra! In this episode, he takes us to Paradise Health as we discuss his book on fasting and cleansing the body. He also shares what his food journey has revealed to him and how being a leader in the community is a responsibility. Be prepared for transparent dialogue about how our bodies should fully-function so we can all move towards optimal health.

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