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Edible Activist is a podcast where dynamic people of color in the food and agriculture space share personal food journeys, stories and perspectives that stem from the land. Hosted by Melissa L. Jones, she interviews a diverse group of everyday growers, farmers, artists, healers, and other extraordinary individuals, who exemplify activism in their own edible way.

This show records and broadcasts LIVE on Full Service Radio from the lobby of the LINE DC in Adams Morgan, Washington DC.

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    #034 New Brooklyn Farms

    New Brooklyn Farms is a green haven located in the suburbs of Mt. Rainer, Maryland. Doug Adams, owner and founder, is the visionary behind this concept, and it holds a special place in his heart because he grew up in the home right next to it. He is a health and agriculture enthusiast at heart, having experienced a short stint in the juicing business, he always knew the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and local food production. In 2016 Doug was able to acquire 1/4 acre plot next to his parents home, and has started to build what he calls a green event space. In this episode, listen to Doug share how he wants folks to re-imagine their land and take a different approach to homesteading, why owning land is important to him, and his perspectives on growing food for B2B.

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    #033 Land Liberation

    Freeing the land and returning to our ancestral ways is a large part of land liberation. During this special episode, powered by Fair Farms Maryland, audience members were part of this live broadcast as host, Melissa L. Jones engaged in conversation with former guest and farmer, Dom Hosack on what land liberation means and how to reclaim what was ours. Listen in as he shares why we must view the earth as part of our own system, the crucial need to care for the land to prevent further climate disaster and be able to grow food, and learn about his work with Earth Bound Building, a member cooperative based in Maryland.

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    #032 Dffrntwrld

    Dffrntwrld, co-founded by DC native Brennan Gerald, is a creative agency that designs solutions to help brands reach their business goals. Their tribe is made up of strategists, healers, designers, alchemists, herbalists, indigenous cultural enthusiasts, and plant-based, ethical, eco-friendly businesses. In this episode, Brennan talks about growing up in a health conscious environment, why he chooses to focus solely on helping healthy and sustainable brands through his consultancy, and his take on the future of food and agriculture.

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    #031 A Mother's Food Journey

    In honor of Mother's Day, Edible Activist Podcast host Melissa L. Jones interviews her mother about her food journey. Malinda is a southerner with deep roots in Butler, Alabama and Jackson, Mississippi. She grew up eating everything on the land, from yard meat to fresh pecans, and is still a country girl at heart. In this episode, mom shares her fondest food memories in the south, growing up as a kid in a rural area, and her bouts with food allergies that forced her to change her diet completely, turning towards a more holistic approach. Tune into: A Mother's Food Journey.

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    #030 Farming Ninjas

    Meet Farming Ninjas, Jeremy Carry and LaVan Anderson, who are using their gardening tools as weapons for good. On a mission to grow organic and delicious food for everyone and everywhere, Jeremy is a self-taught gardener who witnessed a food dessert in Richmond, VA and began growing food by just throwing seeds in a pot! And inspiring master gardener LaVan believes that growing food for survival is more than just resiliency, it also means eating right so that we can live longer. In this episode, we talk through food perspectives and also acknowledge the great Nipsey Hussle and the seeds he planted in the black community.

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    #029 Live Well

    Living well is a mindset. Colombian native Lina Salazar believes that in order for any type of transformation and healing to occur, there needs to be a shift in the mind. Traveling the world and achieving every goal imaginable, Lina still struggled with her physical image, becoming obsessed with diet and exercise, and even had her bouts with bulimia and binge eating. Having overcome these challenges, Lina now provides support to women as a health coach through her platform, Live Well. In this episode, learn about her food roots in Colombia, how to achieve food sanity and the importance of feeling good about yourself.

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    #028 Ancestral Conversations

    Acupuncturist and herbalist, Geoff Edwards brings his wisdom back to the show talking all-things ancestry and herbal healing. He has deepened his work, navigating this ancestral journey even further through the exploration of medical herbs, traveling to Costa Rica and Jamaica connecting with indigenous roots and farmers, and applying this to his Nu Healing Arts practice. In this episode, listen to Geoff speak on the importance of knowing what our grandparents grew, and what their parents grew, as a way to connect with our ancestors and to incorporate a diet that reflects our ancestral DNA.

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    #027 City Blossoms

    Rebecca Lemos-Otero has dedicated her career to making safe green spaces where children and youth are the main stewards and cultivators. As co-founder and Executive Director of City Blossoms, Rebecca gets to combine her interests in community development, entrepreneurship, horticulture, the arts, and working with youth. In this episode we dig into her D.C. roots, growing up in the Columbia Heights neighborhood, learn how green spaces create explorative and experimental spaces for youth, and how entrepreneurship is an important part of City Blossom's model. Tune in!

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    #026 Food on the Stove

    Food On The Stove is a dynamic organization, founded by EMT and firefighter, Jonathan Tate of Engine 11 Truck 6 in D.C., as a way to address the #1 cause of firefighter deaths which is heart disease. In this episode we explore Jonathan's personal relationship to food prior to becoming a first responder, learn about FOTS's initiative, Local Food for Local Heroes, and how they are bringing fresh food from the field to the firehouse to promote healthy lifestyle changes for firefighters in the city!

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    #025 The Vegan Fiesta

    It's a Vegan Fiesta and Dominique Evans is the dynamic woman behind it all! In this episode, learn how one documentary changed the trajectory of her diet lifestyle and why she advocates for the safety of animals who endure harsh treatment at factory farms. Dominique's online platform, The Vegan Fiesta, showcases her colorful and well-crafted vegan creations (even animal print donuts), pulling inspiration from her own artistic capabilities and curiosity. Tune in!

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