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Edible Activist is a podcast where dynamic people of color in the food and agriculture space share personal food journeys, stories and perspectives that stem from the land. Hosted by Melissa L. Jones, she interviews a diverse group of everyday growers, farmers, artists, healers, and other extraordinary individuals, who exemplify activism in their own edible way.

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    #020 The Waterhole

    The WaterHole is a gem in the Mt. Rainer community where residents, artists, and moms of toddlers come to nourish their minds, bodies and souls with organic, cold-pressed juices. Lisa Harris, an artist and resident herself, is the owner and operator who started the juice bar after the passing of her dad back in 2013. TWH is the first and only juice bar in Mt. Rainer, a quaint and hippie town nestled in between northeast D.C. and Hyattsville, which is also home to many creatives. Lisa is not only making history as an African-American entrepreneur in her town, but she is truly passionate about health and wants her neighbors to "live organically."

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    #019 Dreaming Out Loud

    Dreaming Out Loud is what everyone should be doing, right? Founder and executive director Chris Bradshaw thinks so and believes that everyone should feel empowered to "dream out loud." Chris' organization has been working to fix a broken food system for the last decade, realizing that the systematic structures at-large are no accident. He wants marginalized communities to be in a space where they can dream into reality and have access to better jobs, food, education, and more. Listen in as you hear Chris share why our food and economic system is so jacked up, the work that DOL is doing in wards 7 & 8, along with him recounting a story from his lineage-- one of death and escape from Rosewood, Florida.

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    #018 Turning Natural

    A juice bar that is turning DC communities natural! Jerri Evans is a DC native and the owner of Turning Natural, a collection of five juice bars that serve up delicious smoothies and fun vibes in and outside of DC. Growing up in Southeast, corner stores filled with sugar and processed foods were at proximity to Jerri and her peers; she has witnessed firsthand the health disparities around her, including her late mother who was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer. Jerri is continuing the legacy that her mother started, Turning Natural, and is on a mission to create an entire health movement!

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    #017 Doctor. Farmer. Brother.

    Growing rice in the DC region + healing people?!? Dr. Nazirahk Amen is on a mission and we're here for it all! In this episode, you'll learn how Dr. Amen, a licensed naturopathic doctor, Chinese Medicine practitioner, and acupuncturist is connecting to the land, defining health and what he calls, dis-ease, along with how he helps people to heal and live authentic healthy lifestyles.

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    #016 Your Produce Pusher

    D.C. native, Myeasha Taylor, has been pushing locally grown produce over the last ten years! She's a farmer, food systems advocate, project manager, and a go-go + Bmore club enthusiast. In this episode you'll hear how the passing of her grandmother led to creating a path in the health and agriculture space, her experience growing food in Baltimore city, and the narrative that she's hoping to change for her D.C. community.

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    #015 FoodTalksDC x Philly

    In the City of Brotherly Love, community residents are building green spaces in the hood, fighting for land access, demanding answers from the city, and banding together to honor what our ancestors built on the land. In this episode, you'll hear about Melissa and Leta's journey to Philadelphia to capture the bravehearts of this city.

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    #014 Chef Brazil

    Chef Brazil thought he was going to the Arts Institute of Philadelphia for fashion design, until he ended up graduating with a culinary degree! For the last 15 years, Brazil has been throwing the "spyce" in his dishes and is the owner of Spyceco, a personal chef company. He creates intimate dining experiences for clients like NBA players, couples, and friends, while having to cater to the dietary needs of his clientele due to health challenges and sporting conditions. Heart healthy dishes are an important aspect of his business, along with cooking with local ingredients. Tune in!

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    #013 Spicin' Womenpreneurs

    Three black dynamic women entrepreneurs who are spicin' it up in their businesses: Milan Jordan-Durham, founder, The Cultured Kombucha; Rabia Kamara, pastry chef and owner, Ruby Scoops, and Kehmari Norman, founder, Ksquared Flowers. These three Spicin' Womenpreneurs share how they have created their own lanes: from crafting a delicious kombucha line, to whipping up sorbets and ice cream with locally sourced ingredients, and creating an array of floral wellness products. Each of them bring an aspect of health-wellness, self-care and joy within the products they have beautifully mastered. All three women also make up part of the The Spice Girl collective, a group of 21 black women business-owners, at The Spice Suite in Washington, DC. Listen in!

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    #012 Food Artivism

    Sabrina Nelson is a professional artist, vegan, dope mom, and Detroiter. During her travels to D.C. she graced the show and shared her story of making the decision to go plant-based to stop family illness. But beyond her veganism, Sabrina is a 24/7 creator who is FEEDING the mind, body and soul of individuals who encounter her murals in Detroit, her sketch books, online and everywhere else. "My art is my weapon," says Sabrina. And as a creator, she believes that using her artistic capabilities as a voice for justice issues and activism, such as food, water, poverty, women, and much more, is a responsibility.

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    #011 Dom The Farmer

    Meet Farmer Dom Hosak! In this episode, you'll learn about his educational journey in the public health field that ultimately led to him ditching his PhD program to farm full-time at the THEARC in SE, Washington, DC. Dom is a builder and believes in acquiring skill sets that sustain us, especially as black people. And as a new dad to a beautiful baby girl, he shares how important is to him to build a safe homestead lifestyle for his family.

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